We do things differently...

We run our cattery through multiple homes. All our cats are treated like family, live in the home, and are raised underfoot. The way it should be.

Unique in personality and appearance

We’ve imported some of the most extreme, unique looking Maine Coons in the world. If you’re looking for the “wow factor,” you’ve found it.

About Us

The Iron Pride was started as a passion project by firefighter Scott Williamson and his family. When Scott was in his early twenties, he found his first Maine Coon in the classifieds and fell in love with the breed. A handful of years and two daughters later, Scott’s family wanted a family pet. The process to adopt a Maine Coon proved complicated and terrible, so Scott decided he was going to fix the breeding process.

With a focus on what’s best for the cats, he started The Iron Pride. The cattery runs through multiple homes where all the cats are part of the family and kittens are raised underfoot.


"Maine Coons are the best pets EVER and I would only get mine from The Iron Pride. They treat their cats and kittens better than any other cattery I've found."

Kayla Benda

"Our girl has an outstanding personality and has been a great cat."

Ellen Bonter

"I have an Iron Pride boy- he is handsome, fun loving & a very good kitty (approx 20 lbs)"

Diane Duff


Scott Williamson (269) 282-2408



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